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San Antonio Taxi Rates

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San Antonio Taxi Rates from Downtown: 

(Rates posted are approximate, all trip charged with city approved meter)

Downtown to Airport: $26 to $27

San Antonio Taxi Rates from the Airport:

Airport To Airport Area Hotels $12.50

Airport to San Antonio Downtown $26 to $29

Airport to Camp Bullis $36


( let us meet you at the baggage claim area)

Airport to Fort Sam Houston $25

Airport to Lackland AFB $51

Airport to Randolph AFB $42

Airport to Six Flags Fiesta Texas $45

Airport to Hyatt Hill Country Resort $52

Airport to Medical Center Area $30


Airport to North Star Mall $13

Airport to Seaworld $48

Airport to UTSA $40

Airport to Westin La Cantera Resort $43

Airport to JW Marriott Resort $39

Airport to Gulf State Toyota Plant  $78.00

San Antonio Taxi Rates from Downtown:

Downtown to Northstar Mall  $28.00

Downtown to University Hospital  $38

Downtown to Lackland  $40

Downtown to Randolph AFB  $56.70


Downtown to JW Marriott Resort  $58.19

Downtown to Westin La Cantera Resort  $53.00

Downtown to Six Flag Fiesta Texas  $50.00

Downtown to Seaworld  $49.30

Downtown to San Marcos Outlet Mall  $117.00

Downtown to Canyon Lake, Texas  $139.00

Downtown to Hyatt Regency Resort  $46.00




For service call 24/7 

Your taxi rate?  Simply go to   and calculate total mileage for your trip. Multiply total mileage by $2.60 and add $2.50 for the day time meter drop or add $3.50 for night drop.  The total is your approximate fare.

Email all rate inquiries to:                                                                                           
10221 Desert Sands, San Antonio, TX.

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